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IDS Operations is dedicated to excellence in the provision of base support, facilities management, and naval maintenance services to government and the military in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our core activity is delivering outsourced services and operational support to defence facilities in Romania and neighbouring countries. We are the largest provider of Host Country National vetted support personnel for the Mihail Kogalniceanu Airbase, Constanta, Romania. In addition, working through joint ventures, partnerships or primary and sub-contractor arrangements, IDS Operations offers specialised naval engineering and technical maintenance services to NATO forces operating around the Black Sea. IDS Operations responds to the unique demands and needs of military forces, offering increased efficiency, reduced costs, and managed provision of services. Our goal is to ensure that military units are provided with all the necessary civilian services supporting mission readiness. IDS Operations is ISO9001 certified, and complies with all appropriate quality management systems and processes.

Base Support

IDS Operations offers outsourced solutions for the supply and management of staff and services to military and government facilities.

We are acutely aware of the unique service requirements of sensitive and heavily protected facilities. Recognising this, we offer a range of specially crafted base support services that meet your expectations about security, reliability and skills. Operating both as a primary contractor and a local sub-contractor IDS Operations can provide:

  • Operation and management of civilian base services
  • Base transportation services and solutions
  • Maintenance and upgrade services for heating, air conditioning, water treatment and sanitary engineering
  • Provision of fire prevention services, roads and grounds construction and maintenance, and pest control.
  • Supply of staff at short notice and on a pro tem basis
  • Consulting and training services for budgeting and resource management
  • Specialist CNBC Services and the handling of hazardous materials

Off-Base Operations IDS Operations supports the military’s need for mobility by offering its trusted staffing capabilities to off-base operations and training exercises, either supplying our own staff or sourcing new staff locally. IDS Operations was the Host Country National (HCN) labour services sub contractor for a joint US-Bulgarian project at Novo Selo.

Human Resources

The strength of IDS Operations is its commitment to finding and developing a labour pool with the necessary skills and experience to meet the staffing and support needs of governments and the military.

We work with Base Commanders and partner companies to identify specific staffing and service needs, and then deliver those requirements from our existing staff pool or by sourcing the skills they demand. IDS Operations provides:

  • A database of 2500 local workers in Romania and Bulgaria with a wide range of specialist and vocational qualifications
  • Direct links with schools and further education facilities to ensure a continuing stream of qualified candidates
  • Technical English language tuition to all personnel registered with IDS Operations
  • Staffing and personnel services
  • Security and medical screening of personnel
  • Recruitment and administration of personnel for contracted services i.e. large-scale catering need

Corporate Social Responsibility Programme As part of its commitment to local development, IDS Operations has, since June 2008, offered free English classes to communities in the areas around the bases and facilities we service.

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